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Our Story

It began in the heart of Iowa with a simple idea - selling Locally Grown® t-shirts at our Farmers' Market promoting the importance of buying local, eating local and sharing state pride. The Rooster was our proud symbol and reminder to wake up and pay attention to the products we buy and the food we eat. Our friends and neighbors embraced our message, promoting it themselves by wearing our designs, and sharing them with others.

Since then, our message has evolved from a simple call to action into a complete lifestyle. By creating awareness of where our food and clothing comes from and helping people connect with each other and their community, we hope to create a better place to call home. Locally Grown® apparel and accessories are designed, printed, and manufactured in the United States and can be found in locally-owned shops across the country. 


We're proud to feature other like-minded brands in our Des Moines shop who share our passion for locally-sourced craftsmanship and quality, such as Tellason and Topo Designs. Stop in and say hi, we look forward to seeing you!