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February 25, 2019

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5 Charleston Restaurants Perfect for Post-Adventure Fuel

New restaurants and bars pop up in Charleston almost every week. An unforgiving contingent of savvy diners, food bloggers, and critics quickly distinguishes the good from the bad. Which is good news for the rest of us.  For the hungry athlete with a discerning palate, Charleston's food scene is arguably one of the most enjoyable in the country. The extreme... Read More
February 05, 2019

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Are You Addicted to Nature?

Anyone active in the outdoors community around Chattanooga has likely heard of Randy Wharton. The founder of Chattanooga-based nonprofit Wild Trails is also an ultramarathon trail runner, long-distance paddleboarder, and lifelong outdoor adventure seeker. His love of nature is a given, but Wharton offers some extreme descriptions for his passion for the outdoors and the lifestyle he’s created around it,... Read More
January 18, 2019

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Cruising the California Coast: 13 Places Where You Need to Stop Along Highway 1

Highway 1 is, without potentially offending any other highway lovers, quite possibly the most beautiful highway in the country. From bluff, to beach, and then back to bluff, and then even up into the beginning of the redwoods, the route spirals road trippers (and the lucky souls who live on the coastline) up and down the ocean’s edge. Beneath you—and... Read More
January 07, 2019

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800 Miles in 7 Days: A Quintessential Colorado Road Trip

To many, Denver is the true gateway to the West. Sure, St. Louis may have an arch, but it also has 850-miles of Midwestern plains to contend with before the real West begins. And like so many early frontiersmen, who reached the western edge of the High Plains—where modern-day Denver is located—and gazed upon the Front Range in both terror and excitement,... Read More
December 22, 2018

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The Top 10 Après-ski Joints in Minneapolis

There's something amazing about a hot juicy burger and a brewski when you come in from the snowy wonderland that is winter in Minneapolis. Whether you’re out skiing, snowshoeing, skating, or fat biking, we have plenty of local establishments where you can warm up and fill up after some subzero winter recreating. As one of the most active and bustling locales on... Read More
December 19, 2018

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Eco-friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, eco-conscious folks look for ways to prepare their homes for an eco-friendly holiday. Wanting to reduce your carbon footprint is something that can be done all year around, not just during the warm weather seasons too. So, with a few small changes, you can make a difference and be a good steward of the... Read More