Our Story

It started with a simple idea to sell t-shirts at the Des Moines, Iowa Farmers’ Market and today Locally Grown® has grown into a nationally recognized, message-driven lifestyle brand creating awareness of where our food and clothes come from.  Locally Grown® embraces the resurgence of farmers’ markets, local agriculture and ideals of traditional craftsmanship and Americana. “Eating local” has become a national mantra and like the Locavore® movement, there is growing demand for clothing Made in the USA. Locally Grown® is proud to design, print, source and manufacture all apparel and accessories in the United States and can be found in specialty grocers, food co-ops, kids boutiques and specialty outdoor stores across the country.

Working at the farmers’ market taught us important lessons about the challenges facing family farms today. We have learned first hand the importance of buying local, promoting sustainable practices and supporting family farmers. For Locally Grown Clothing Co. it is love for the Mid-west and the places we grew up that inspires us to fight to save them. Today we continue to do what we love while helping to build thriving communities and support local communities by giving back, creating opportunities and spreading the message of Locally Grown®.

Locally Grown®, Locavore® and Grassfed® are Trademarks owned by Locally Grown Clothing Co. LLC and registered with the United States Trade and Patent Office.

The Rooster

The Rooster represents a call to action – reminding us to WAKE UP and make informed conscious decisions about the products we buy and the food we eat.  Honesty, pride, courage and vigilance sum up Mid-western values – and also the core values of Locally Grown Clothing Co.  We exist today based on these principals and are here to enlist pride in people and courage to stand up for family farms and to help keep a watchful vigilance over rural America in an effort to protect our communities, environment and sustainable practices of the past.

Made in the USA

Unlike most companies Locally Grown® places a high priority on sourcing and manufacturing products in the USA. Going against the grain in an industry dominated by overseas manufacturing is challenging. We are proud to work with manufacturers in the United States that share our core values. Not until more companies embrace Made in the USA as a top priority, can we – as a small company – find more domestic alternatives for the products we offer our customers. The few who we use and exist today produce high-quality goods that usually come at a higher price. Our customers must not only understand our core values – but also must be willing to pay this premium.